Message from the Owner


My name is Tracy, the owner of Ngoc Novelty. 

Due to recent events of others plagiarizing multiple aspects of our shop, Ngoc Novelty will be in the process of rebranding. That will include our product backgrounds and various features on our side. It will, however, not affect our logo that we are thankfully known for. 

At first, we had decided to keep our shop closed for the time being. Though, with my current schedule with my internship, it would be difficult to set a realistic launch date. Rather, we have decided to keep our shop open, but will continue to slowly update features throughout the following weeks.

Please stay tuned through our social media accounts for further shop releases and updates.

Thank you for understanding and being patient with us as we move forward! We hope to continue to bring forth quality and spread awareness with our brand each day.

As always, continue to stay safe and healthy this summer!

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