About Us

Before Ngoc Novelty

Like most Vietnamese children, I grew up wearing tokens of good luck. Gold chain necklaces, gold bangles, jaded Buddha necklaces, jade bracelets, and tiger eye bracelets are a couple of the many staples in the Vietnamese culture. I always had one of those on, but I mostly wore bracelets. For as long as I remembered, I had worn gold bangles. They were only removed when they no longer fit, and I switched them out to a larger size. Rather than just a piece of decor, it was a way for me to understand my culture and connect with my ancestors.


Creating Ngoc Novelty

Ngoc Novelty was created in the Summer of 2019, the end of my Sophomore year in college. At the time, I was working as a Bee Lab Technician on campus. While that took up most of my day, I still wanted to venture back into my old hobbies— the arts. I wanted to create something that would represent myself and the values in my life. After several weeks of debating, I decided on what I knew best and cherished the most— bracelets.


Ngoc Novelty

Ngọc comes from my middle name, which is Vietnamese for a precious gemstone from the gods. Phonetics are a bit tough, but one way to read it would be as “Knock”. It can also translate to lucky jade gems in the Buddhist religion. A big and sincere thank you to all my friends and family that have supported me so far. I continue to hope that I will be able to share aspects of my life that I value the most through my art.